Demo images for HDG200B

The following demo images can be used to try the HDG200B SDIO-card wifi.

FileDescriptionLinux kernelHDG200B driver

HDG200B R1 demo image for Atmel SAMA5D4-XPLAINED


Usage information for the above platforms follows.


The demo images are built using Yocto, as described at the Linux4SAM web site. They include U-Boot, Linux kernel and a rootfs.

The HDG200B driver is stored in the rootfs.
The demo image should be stored in the nand flash.

Store demo image in nand flash (from a Linux host)

  1. Unpack
    $ tar -xvzf demo-at91sam9rlek-hdg200-r2.tar.gz
    $ cd demo-at91sama9rlek-hdg200-r2
  2. Connect USB cable between PC and target (J21)
  3. Power off target
  4. Open jumpers J12 and J13
  5. Power on target
  6. Close jumpers J12 and J13
  7. Start sam-ba
  8. Execute sam-ba-nandflash.tcl
  9. Push RESET button to reboot
Use demo image
  1. Connect serial cable between PC and debug port on target
  2. Reboot (i.e. power-off + power-on)
  3. Login (user=root, pw=<EMPTY>)
  4. Insert HDG200 SDIO-card into target (J15)
  5. Connect to a wifi network (Default is to connect to an open wifi network. This can be changed in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf)
    #ifup wlan0
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